Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the tornado sirens going off?
The tornado warning sirens are activated by the police department in each community. When a tornado warning is issued, the sirens are activated to alert the public that a tornado has either been sighted by a trained spotter or that the National Weather Service has indicated one on radar. Residents should seek cover immediately in a basement or center room with no windows. Please do not call the Police or Fire Stations as the personnel on duty become very busy at this time. Monitor television, radio and internet for weather updates when available and wait for an all clear message to be reported. Sirens are tested on the first Tuesday of each month.
How often should I change the battery in my smoke detector?
Batteries in smoke detectors should be changed twice a year, it is easy to remember that when you change your clocks to change your smoke detector battery also.
What should I do if my Carbon Monoxide Detector goes off?
Keep all windows and doors closed, exit the house and call 911 from a mobile device or a neighbor’s phone. Doors and windows must remain closed to ensure a more accurate reading when firefighters test the indoor air. If the house is vented, it is more difficult to locate the source.
How often should I have my furnace and fireplace checked?
Furnaces should be cleaned and inspected annually by a trained technician. It is also crucial to ensure that both the furnace and gas water heater are properly vented. Wood burning fireplaces require more frequent cleanings in order to remove soot build up which quickly becomes flammable. A reputable technician will check the mortar joints in a brick fireplace for any cracking or open joints during routine maintenance.
Who should I call to get my fire extinguisher re-charged?
The fire department does not fill fire extinguishers. Most household fire extinguishers are disposable and cannot be re-charged because the cylinders are made of plastic. Metal fire extinguishers can be re-charged by privately owned service companies. Fire extinguishers are under pressure, and have the potential to explode in combination with some materials. They cannot be discarded curbside and are not accepted at Household Chemical Waste collections. The Huntley Fire Protection District does not dispose of fire extinguishers. Please contact a local private extinguisher company to dispose of cylinders properly.
How do I get rid of old cans of paint, gasoline or other household hazardous waste?
The Huntley Fire Protection District does not take household-hazardous waste products. Check with the County that you live in to inquire whether or not a designated hazardous waste disposal drop-off location has been established for your area. Never throw these items in the trash.
Why does a fire engine respond if I call for an ambulance?
The Huntley Fire Protection District’s front line fire engines and ladder trucks are Advanced Life Support licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health. There is at least one or two licensed paramedics on these vehicles to start initiating care if they should arrive before the ambulance. The crews also assist the paramedics with lifting patients and assisting with medical care to ensure you are given the best treatment possible.
What should I do if my fire alarm goes off in my home or commercial building that I work or visit?
Anytime a fire alarm goes off you are to evacuate the building until the fire department arrives on the scene and gives an all clear that the building is safe to return to. Do not reset the alarm. The fire department uses the activated device to determine what the cause of the activation was.