Annual Fire Inspection Checklist

Please note that this is not an all-inclusive document, but a reference tool intended to assist business owners in ongoing safety maintenance and preparation for annual inspection.


    • Address is posted on outside of business and viewable from the public way (min. 4” letters)
    • Tenant identification/address of business is on rear door of multi-tenant buildings (i.e.-strip malls)

Construction Features

      • Ceiling tiles are in place
      • No holes in walls or fire resistant construction

Electrical Equipment

        • No extension cords are being used as permanent wiring
        • No multiplug adapters are being used (power strips are acceptable)
        • Electrical panel boxes, receptacles, and light switches have proper covers on and/or are closed
        • No storage blocking access to electrical panel box (36” clearance)

Exits and Egress

          • Emergency lighting is operable
          • Exit signs illuminated (on battery back-up if applicable)
          • All exits and exit aisles clear of obstructions

Fire Alarm System

            • Pull alarm stations are not obstructed from view
            • Fire alarm system is operable and annual testing is current (proof of certification on site)

Fire Extinguishers and Kitchen Extinguishing Systems

                • Extinguisher is properly mounted on wall and is not obstructed from the public
                • Extinguisher has a current annual certification tag
                • Kitchen hood exhaust is free of grease and clean
                • Hood exhaust extinguishing system certification is current


                    • Combustibles are not stored near heating source (i.e.-furnace, water heater, etc.)
                    • Housekeeping is orderly inside and outside of building
                    • No storage within 18” (vertically) of sprinkler heads
                    • Compressed gas cylinders must be secured

Fire Sprinkler System

                      • Fire department connection cap(s) are in place
                      • Fire department connection is accessible (36” clearance of shrubbery, etc.)
                      • Sprinkler system is operable and annual testing is current (proof of certification on site)

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